Old car sitting Around?

I loved my Honda Pilot. I drove it for 14 years and over 250,000 miles. We had many great family trips together: New Orleans, Disney World, White Sands, Big Bend and Yellowstone. We visited family in Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and all around Texas. Ski trips to New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. But we finally reached the end of our time together. My Honda Pilot would strand me in parking lots and my own driveway with a dead battery due to an intermittent short no mechanic could find. But luckily, my Honda Pilot could do one last thing for me. It could help me support my favorite charity, Drive a Senior Northwest.

- Karen Sue Wagner

Do you have an old car, truck, or boat that's not working for you? Give it a purpose. Click here to fill out the easy online form or call toll free 855-500-7433 (855-500-RIDE).  It's quick and easy, costs you nothing, except the energy to wave goodbye to your vehicle, knowing it's sale will benefit more seniors in your neighborhood.