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What can my donation do?

Here are just a few examples of what your donation can help provide within our program (any amount helps, but these are just some of the ways our funds are used throughout the year):

  • $25 - supplies for Senior Day Out meals - paper goods, tea, coffee, etc. for a month

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  • $30 - Postage for a month's worth of birthday cards for our clients

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  • $50 - The cost of the assessment/Enrollment of a new senior neighbor into our program

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  • $250 - One year's worth of rides for a senior neighbor

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Do you have an old car sitting around? 

Our Charitable Auto Donation process is changing, we should have an online link soon from the company that processes the donations.  In the meantime, we can help you on the phone if you have a car, truck, boat, etc. that you would like to donate.  Give us a call at 512-250-5021.