Who helps us keep Drive a Senior Northwest's services free for our senior neighbors?

While our direct services are provided by volunteers, there are many costs associated with keeping over 500 clients and their 8500 rides per year organized!  We are supported financially and with volunteer support by local congregations, community groups, local businesses, family members and individuals in the area we serve.  New supporters are always welcome to join us in our mission of keeping our senior neighbors living independently.

December 2020 Songs and Sweets for the Road Fundraiser sponsors

Thank you to all the individuals and groups that helped make our 2020 Songs and Sweets for the Road fundraiser a success!  We were able to raise over $6,500 with the help from the following:


Thank you also to our raffle prize donors!

And, thank you to the National Charity League - North Austin for the awesome volunteer helpers and for providing all the delicious SWEETS for our event!