Need rides?

Do you or a family member or friend need help with transportation to medical appointments or to run an errand? Here are our eligibility requirements to be a client:

(We serve clients in the following zip codes: 78613, 78630, 78641, 78646, 78717, 78726. 78727, 78729, 78730, 78731, 78732, 78750 and 78759.)

  • Able to make own arrangements with our office to schedule rides
  • Mobile (may bring cane or walker but our volunteer drivers can't transport wheelchairs or physically lift clients into or out of a vehicle)

Potential clients need to call our office (512-250-5021) to start the enrollment process. If you are a family member or friend researching service options for a senior, please have the senior call us directly. After a few questions over the phone, or client intake specialist will visit with the senior in their own home to fill out paperwork, explain how our program works and answer any questions.

For your information and as a reminder to our current clients, we have the following rules:

  • At least one full week's notice is required for ride requests.
  • Two rides a week may be requested (2 medical or one errand and one medical)
  • Clients must make all arrangements through the office and never call a volunteer directly to set up a ride.
  • All information about the appointment or destination must be provided when making the request (Doctor's name, phone, appointment time, etc.)
  • Some holidays during the year are well-deserved "days off" for our volunteer drivers and we will not be providing transportation on those days. See our "Contact Us" page for the list of holiday dates this year.

Still have questions? Please call or email us anytime!

For services outside of our area, please visit

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